Born in the land of bright sunshine and sand dunes, Rajputi poshak is the traditional wear of Rajputi women throughout the world. They may be anywhere in the world, doing anything, but even today on festivals and celebrations like marriage and family functions, you’ll see Rajputi women draped in beautiful poshaks.

Rajasthani Rajpiuti Poshak

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So what are Rajputi poshaks really?

Vibrant colors, intricate gotta patti work and sophisticated designs- these are the words customarily used to describe traditional Rajputi Poshak. In a land that wholeheartedly celebrates Royal Rajputi culture, festivals and heritage, Rajputi dresses are a graceful reminder of the Rajput legacy and their regal elegance. For the most part, Rajputi Poshaks are heavily decorated with gotta patti and zari work on the borders as well as the complete attire. Owing to their bright colors, the dress fetches a lot of admiration from lookers.

Taking guidelines from their various neighboring cultures, Rajputi dresses are highly influenced by the Mughal era and pays homage to parts of Gujarat as well. The resemblance is noticeably reflected in the rich embroidery and the gotta patti work. The Rajputi poshak for women comprises of a set of 4 -a kanchli (inner-wear with sleeves), waist-length Kurta (a sleeveless blouse), ghagra (pleated skirt) and odhani (long, flowing veil).


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The gaghra – a long extravagant flowing skirt is matched with blouses such as Kanchli or Kunchuki or Choli depending on the blouse length. Tightly wrapped around the waist, the skirts have a flaring width at the base. According to the usage or occasion, the width of the skirt is increased along with the folds or pleats in the skirt. Standing as a symbol of respect and traditionality, the odhani deserves a special attention. The long piece of cloth with enriched with impeccable and vibrant border designs. When combined with the gaghra and kanchli, it is an essential part of the Rajputi poshak. One end of it is tucked into the skirt and draped gracefully across like a saree and taken to cover the head with a short veil. Especially, the bridal odhani is adorned with exquisite hand embroidery and is considered as a prized jewel by every Indian woman.

The word Rajput literally means the son of the king. Thus, by definition one becomes a royal when decked in a Rajputi poshak. During various festivals and occasions, women from all over Rajasthan embellish their body in a Rajputi poshak transcend into an aristocratic Rajput lady- an apogee of elegance and grace during festivals and cultural ceremonies.


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