What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word- Rajasthani Rajputi Poshak? Women draped in lehenga-kanchli? Gotta Patti Work? Rich colors shining bright?

Rajasthani women are been known for their rich outfits and one of the most famous ones is the Rajputi Poshak. In modern times when everyone is adapting western attire, Rajput women have kept the old heritage alive. The beautiful gotta patti work, the dazzle of the zari, the exuberant jewelry, all add to the allure of a splendid Rajasthani Rajputi dress.

But what exactly do we know about a Rajputi poshak?

Not much, apart from the fact that Karishma Kapoor captured the look perfectly in Zubeida. Digging a little into the Rajasthani culture, the Rajput clans take fierce pride in their lineage and traditions. That feeling of pride is heavily reflected in their attire as well. Especially the unique dresses for women bring out the true culture and heritage of Rajputs. It depicts not only the richness and vividity of Rajasthani culture but also reflects the conventional Indian way of life.

How is a traditional Rajputi Poshak made?

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, a classic Rajputi poshak undergoes various  developments before it reaches your closet. Starting from choosing the right cloth to the polishing of the embroidery work, the sheer beauty of the dress demands out of the world skills, deep insights of designs and courage to play around with different colors. Most importantly, to make a Rajputi poshak one needs to provide undivided attention to details.

1- Selecting the raw material

Image Courtesy: Vogue Fabrics

Starting at the bottom, the first step in creating a Rajputi dress is to select the perfect fabric. Customarily, the poshak is fabricated from chiffon, pure georgette, pure satan or crape. However, the material used can be changed, depending on the style, budget requirement of the buyer.

2- Let the colors pop


Transforming a simple gray cloth to a Rajput legacy, the fabric is embellished with vibrant colors of red, blue, green, orange and more. One thing to be noted here is that the high contrasting colors used in a Rajputi poshak highly defies the dry yellow of the desert of Rajasthan bringing a balance to life.  

3- Use the spell of amazing artistry


No Rajputi dress is complete without intricate patterns and the famous gotta patti handwork. Masters of hand embroidery, with their needles and artistic hands, execute their magic and transform the cloth into a unique Rajputi Poshak, adorned with the most elegant designs.

So now you know, it’s not just the rich colors and the elaborate handwork that makes a good rajputi poshak. It is the history behind it and the regal feel that comes with it that makes it a must-have in every woman’s closet.

Pink, red, yellow, green! The variety of colors found in Rajputi poshak is mind boggling. Ranging from designer Rajputi dress to everyday wear, you can easily find shops, boutiques and designer studios that offer all types of Rajputi poshak.

YUVTI is a designer studio specializing in Rajasthani Rajputi Poshak for women. Founded by Bhupendra Singh in 2013, the concept of YUVTI is not just designing dresses for Rajput women but actually carving their desires into reality.

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