Rajasthan is a home for rajputi traditional wear poshaks and YUVTI being into this craftsmanship since 2013, makes the best poshaks , sarees and has been making every female’s dream outfit into realty. Recently, we are making our presence into men’s world too.

Rajasthan being a land of incredibly rich history, culture, heritage, traditional way of living , it is always known for its stylish rulers and their attire’s. The rajput poshaks being symbol of such culture recently have become very popular in the Indian wedding culture too. Apart from iconic outfits like ghagra- choli, abhrak has, anarkalis, poshaks have come out as a very simple yet ethnic attire symbolising essence and core of the people of rajasthan. People apart from the Rajput clan are so influenced by the exceptionally elegant style of rajput poshaks that they have started opting for this particular outfit for one of the ceremony.
A lady when wear a poshak not only feel very elegant but goes back to the history that is rich, ethnic and truly royal.